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The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit remains one of the best opportunities for businesses to substantially reduce their tax liability. For what amounts to their daily activities, companies from a wide-range of industries can qualify for federal and state tax savings high to enough to allow companies to hire new employees, invest in new products and service lines, and grow their operations.

Now, due to numerous modifications and expansions over the years, more companies than ever before can benefit from this valuable incentive.

It would be best if you were getting more out of your credits and incentives program. It’s more than just the right people with the right skills. It’s more than a process that uncovers credits opportunities while minimizing disruption to your teams. It’s about bringing those key elements together with an industry-changing technology that provides you the information, analysis, tracking, communications, and updates that enable a proactive, value-added Credits & Incentives program.

Business today is rarely conducted within a single location. Often, companies have customers and product sales throughout the United States. State and local tax laws can be very complex and vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Businesses often find it challenging to comply with these state and local regulations and avoid penalties and fines. Our state and local tax experts will monitor new tax laws and court decisions that will impact your business and provide easy-to-use compliance guidance for your staff.

UBOS believes that State and Local Taxes (SALT) presents an opportunity to realize significant cash savings with proper planning. As a result, we assist businesses with reducing their effective state tax rates, recouping tax overpayments, strategically planning for growth and development, and avoiding tax penalties and fines.

Cities and states continue to assemble attractive packages of incentives to attract business investment. Companies that maximize the use of incentives can improve return on investment and enhance shareholder value. UBOS can help obtain incremental tax advantages consistent with the strategic business direction of your organization.