About Us

Our Mission

At UBOS we believe that businesses are the foundation of the United States! In the twenty first century entrepreneurship and business ownership is on the rise!

At United Business Owners Solutions (UBOS), our ambition is to protect the success of your business and secure its financial future. We leverage the UBOS Alliance, a vast partner network of expert consultants in all disciplines of financial service, to take a unified and comprehensive approach in evaluating your current portfolio of financial products and investments.

Company of Professionals

Your UBOS team of partner consultants will work with you to understand your business, identify its exposure to risk, and ensure it has the protection it deserves. With a full suite of solutions across the UBOS Alliance, all your financial service needs from tax accounting to insurance coverage and group retirement plans will be met in one complete offering tailored to your business.

Our Methodology

Many of the “big corporations” have top advisors helping them to use the tax law to their advantage. But what about the rest of business owners? UBOS’ expertise is taking the tax codes used by big corporations and applying to everyday business owners. We are able to do this with our team of accountants, attorneys, and financial solution providers.

Our number one priority for business owners is to create cash flow. Cash flow is the mainstay of your business. Cash flow is affected not just by bringing in more cash, but also by limiting your cash outflow. However, many business owners have already cut their expenses by looking at traditional methods. By working with UBOS, you can create a positive cash flow for your business!

Who We Are

United Business Owners Solutions (UBOS) is a comprehensive financial services company with over 10,000 clients nationwide and more than 50 years of combined experience serving small business enterprises and individuals.

Our team includes, but is not limited to:

  • Estate Planning Attorney
  • Certified Tax Master®
  • Tax Planning Attorney
  • Tax Audit Attorney
  • Business Planning Attorney
  • JD- Juris Doctorate
  • CPA-Certified Public Accountant
  • MSA-Master of Science in Accounting
  • EA- Enrolled Agents
  • Real Estate Brokers- Investment Specialist
  • Life Settlement Brokers
  • Annuity Specialist
  • Life Specialist
  • Property & Casualty Specialist
UBOS Chief Tax Strategist

Ed Lyon, JD

UBOS Chief Tax Strategist

  • Chief Tax Strategist at UBOS

  • Author of 8 books on marketing and fulfilling tax-planning services

  • Personally, coached hundreds of tax professionals

  • 500+ television/radio appearances, including

  • Two weekly columns for tax professionals/clients

  • CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News

UBOS Giving Back

One of our core philosophies is serving the community around us, by having our financial professionals and staff donate time to  help the community. Or donating some of our revenue to the charities and non profit origination’s that help build our community.

Below are some of the organizations that we have contributed to in the past year: