Agent Alliance Membership

UBOS Professional Alliance Program

A Unique Platform, First of Its Kind

  • What is UBOS Professional Alliance Program (PAP)?
    It is an innovative platform that offers a unique value proposition to you and your clients by helping you expand your services, provide additional value to your existing customers, as well as increase your revenue via passive income. To stay competitive, you need to constantly be innovating and upgrading your business model to stand out. Earning loyalty of your existing clients and retaining them as well as Increasing your book of business and annual revenues are all too important to stay ahead of the competition. We are currently partnered with thousands of professionals in the financial industry and have helped more than 10,000 people grow their business nationwide through our Alliance Program.
  • How and Why Did UBOS PAP Begin?
    Reason for its Creation:
    - Understanding the nature of business in different professions- Understanding the need for professionals to constantly market themselves- Creating a support system for these professionals to have an edge in their industry by providing the tools for them to set themselves up for success- Market management support for professionals so they can focus on their work Leveraging our platform to save time, effort, and money- One platform for professionals to connect with the experts of the UBOS 4 Pillars Primary Care Physician vs Specialists comparison- Creating lucrative passive income and capitalize their book of business to the maximum
  • Why is UBOS Professional Alliance different?
    UBOS Is a comprehensive financial services company with over 10,000 clients nationwide and more than 100 years of combined experience serving small business enterprises and individuals. Our unified approach to financial services matches our clients to experts and professionals from the UBOS Alliance, a partner network of accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers and other financial solutions providers across most major cities.
  • Why do our members rave about us?
    - Lucrative passive income Innovative tools that elevate your business
    - Easy to use marketing materials
    - Mentorship
    - Systems to increase book of business
  • What type of professionals would benefit from this program?
    - Financial Professionals & Insurance Agents
    -EA & CPA
    - P&C Brokers
    - Real Estate Agents
  • How long does it take to integrate this program into my business?
    This would depend on each individual’s pace. If properly followed, this program can be launched in the business within 30 days.
  • What type of support would I have if I entered this program?
    We have a tiered system. Reference membership matrix. Your membership will have the outlined support system specified in the matrix.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A 14-days prior written notice to cancel your membership would be required.
  • What is your refund policy?
    No refunds will be available. Membership cancellation only.
  • How would I pay my monthly/annual membership fee?
    You will be informed about the payment instruction when you join the membership.
  • Do you provide training materials?
    It is provided in E-catalog or PDF format.