Property & Casualty Insurance

Without the right insurance, all it takes is a single injury, accident, lawsuit or unforeseen incident to undo your business’s fortunes. Although no one ever wants to make the mistake of not having enough insurance, it’s a mistake that’s far too common. However, with all the different insurance products and coverage options available to businesses today, it’s just as easy to end up paying for too much insurance. Deciding what insurance coverage is truly essential for your company can be a difficult and overwhelming process.

With UBOS, protecting your business in easy. We provide consultation for a full portfolio of business insurance products, including Professional Liability Insurance (E&O), Property Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, and Disability Insurance. And when you’re ready to shop around for different providers and policy options, contact us for a free quote from our marketplace of top-rated carriers and underwriters.